Bright Club Glasgow: IndyRef Special


Next year, people in Scotland will be voting on whether we should remain a part of the UK or become an independent country.  The debate is in full swing but lacking one vital ingredient: humour!

Bright Club Glasgow would like to rectify this.  On 23rd October 2013, join us in The Admiral Bar for the ‘Bright Club Glasgow Indy Ref Special’, hosted by comedy godfather Bruce Morton.  Six academic performers will discuss independence in the context of their own research through the medium of – you guessed it – stand up comedy!  It’s a great chance to laugh and learn about the issues surrounding independence.  At the end of the night, have your say by voting in our very own Bright Club Referendum!

 Are you a researcher?  Do you have an opinion on Scottish Independence?  Whether you’re in the Yes, No or Undecided camp, Bright Club is seeking researchers (from Masters to Professors) from all disciplines to perform at the show.  From the arts to the sciences, all are welcome – we’d like as diverse a lineup as possible!

Bright Club is fantastic way to hone your communication skills, meet other academics and have fun!  Full training, rehearsals and support will be provided in the run up to the show.

Interested? Email